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Web Movies

Movie producers and movie makers have already found another medium to publish and publicise their works. Big screens, televisions and data-carrying materials such as VCDs, DVDs and tapes are no longer the only tickets to watching a movie.

With the increasing popularity of the Internet, different sectors are going after this medium to reach audiences that can translate to customers. Web movies are a manifestation of this phenomenon.

What are web movies?

Web movies are video productions that can be posted and viewed on the Internet. Because web movies are posted online, they are usually accessible to anybody or anyone who wants to watch them at any time.

What uses do web movies serve?

There are web movies in the form of narratives that come in serialised episodes or cuts. Some of these web movies are posted on interactive sites, allowing for audience participation. In these sites, viewers or audiences can give comments on any aspect of a particular web movie. They can also vote or suggest on how they want the story to end.

Other web movies are used as web advertisements. Different companies use web movies to advertise the products or services that they offer. These companies either make their own web movies or hire web movie makers to make their web video commercials.

Web movies are a popular choice among companies because of the following advantages that these movies entail:

- Web movies can reach a wider audience. Anybody from anywhere in the world who has access to the Internet can watch web movies.
- Web movies can reach younger audiences. These audiences are used to multitasking.
- Web movies are easier to get shown or released. There are sites that allow free uploading of web movies.
- Web movies can be available to anybody at anytime. There is usually no limit to the movie air time. There is also no particular or pre-defined schedule for "airing" the movie.
- Web movies give audiences a sense of empowerment. Internet users have the option to view a particular web movie or not.
-Production of web movies costs less than the production of true blue films.

Web movie encoding

Web movies can be encoded in different web file formats such as QuickTime, AVI, MPEG, Real Media and Windows Media.

Web movie packages

Prices for web movies vary, depending on the packages offered by web movie services providers. These packages are priced based on effects, narration, soundtrack and other files that can be added to the movie.